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Rent our ‘Specialized’ e-Bikes!

Bicycles (models)

The bicycles available for rent are 4 (2 for each size: M and L). They are produced by ‘Specialized’ and the model is the LEVO HT 6FATTIEthat is a power-assisted MTB which is particularly fit for hiking and undertaking unpaved roads. These bikes are equipped with a Brose engine, whose features can be considered among the best the market can now offer.

What to say then? You only need to enjoy a ride in our Valley!


Terms and Conditions of Use

The user will be kindly asked to show his/her ID Card and to carefully read and then sign a specific form (with all info attached).



On specific request, it will be possible to take a ride aside Antonio Silva, a MTB expert (“Federazione Ciclistica Italiana “) and former coach of the National Team of MTB.

More info (fares and logistics): +39 347 8193748.

Antonio Silva’s current projectsGravity CrewValchiusella Mountain Bike.



Once at the “l’Mulin”, it will be a pleasure to share our tips on recommended routes.


Bikes are rent according to the following options:

  • 1-hour test: 10 € (per person)
  • Half-day: 25 € (per person); Bikes available from: 9h00 – 13h00 or 13h00 – 17h00
  • 1 full day: 35 € (per person)

The user will be provided with a helmet bike protection (included in the price).

We kindly ask you to book your visit and rent at least one day in advance!


In order to set out for a bike ride, we strongly recommend a proper outfit!

Extra info

Please feel free to contact us for any further question at: +39 349 699 3193


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